Download Whatawalk 2 for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Mai Chan
Version: 1.0
Size: 253.2 MB


Walk carefully to complete your mission! Funny game!

Immerse yourself in the funny and ridiculous world of Whatawalk 2, a place where you can be both the hero and the villain. With simplified controls that are fluid, easy to understand and fun to play around, you can never have enough fun with Whatawalk 2. Solve the funny challenge correctly. Stay in and play the most addicting and satisfying game.

- relaxing Arcade game
- Simple and Addicting Gameplay
- Funny yet charismatic characters.
- Addictively hilarious and easy to play.
- Traps and other “angry” characters to spice up your experience.
- More than 40+ dramatic scenarios for you to explore.
- Pinwheel for when you have enough of these dramas.

C’mon, this guy is not gonna walk himself, install Whatawalk 2 now and give him a hand through his dramatic life.
This is the best Arcade game out there!

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