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The word "KAR LIEW" means travel happily. Yong Peng is a town known as little Fu zhou because of the main population are from Fu zhou, it located at the center of State Johor, a very ideal location. Here, you can have the local's favorite Fu zhou dishes and the traditional noodles and biscuit. This place is definitely a good choice for you to go on a vacation.

Besides the food, there are a lots of natural attractions, for example, organic farm, sheep farm, house of swallow and more agriculture activities for you to experience. While travelling you will learn more and it also provide chances for you to improve the relationship between you and your family!! Of course, with no doubt all the local produce traditional cookies and pineapple biscuit are making here a shopping paradise!!

It looks like these places are as fun as it's title !!! 

[Visit Yong Peng] was propose by the Ayer Hitam National Senator Dato'  Wee Ka Siong. He hope that through the social media apps, we can get to promote the best food and traditional in Yong Peng and Ayer Hitam. The apps has become a "bridge" that anyone could easy access it and find what's good at here!! Such a privilege and honor to introduce you, our beloved hometown- Yong Peng !! 

Welcome to Yong Peng and Ayer Hitam!! Hope you enjoy your journey at here!!

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