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Developer: ImagineNET
Version: 3.0
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*** VAT CALC has been selected as one of the 10 best Business Apps by a major European Bank ***

Easily calculate in real-time the value added tax (VAT) from the price excluding or including the VAT. 

VAT CALC 2017 is a real calculator with +,-,/,* and percentage keys. 3 interactive screens! 

VAT Calc is a very useful calculator to easily calculate VAT in real-time!  With its 3 interactive screens, you can calculate the VAT in a few seconds, as well as the price including the VAT or the price excluding the VAT. 

The database of VAT CALC includes all the VAT rates of all European Union Countries, normal or reduced. 

You can also add and save your own VAT rates!


- VAT is displayed in real-time!
- "+","-","/","*" and percentage keys!
- 3 Interactive screens!
- Calculate the VAT from the price excluding or including VAT
- You can input your own rates and save them.
- Database includes normal and reduced VAT rates for each European Union country

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Countries Available: 

NOTE: If your country is not listed, you can still use VAT CALC. In fact you can add and save your own TAX rates. 

Austria,Belgium,Bulgaria,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hungary,Ireland,Italy,Latvia,Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malta,Netherlands,Poland
Portugal,Madeira,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia,Spain,Canary Islands,Sweden,United Kingdom.

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