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Category: Business
Developer: ryo sasaki
Version: 2.64.1
Size: 6.3 MB


It is a calculator application that I created as a cannerer focusing on the functions of the calculator required in the field work.
Calculator that can easily calculate without knowing trigonometric functions.
You can calculate right triangles and scalene triangles.
Memory, answer memory, π, repetition, trigonometric function, parenthesis calculation can be done.
Development of cone (including misalignment), diagonal pipe cutting, R cutting, T pipe, shrimp pipe, rounded corner, rounded corner (eccentricity), eccentric hopper development, pipe expansion from end plate, connection pipe to taper pipe Unfold, unfold screw wings, and calculate PCD.
You can display the original drawing on the floor in AR with a specific developed drawing

Instructions --------------

Press and hold the "ANS" button to display past calculation results.
Tap the calculation result label (just after pressing =) to mark the numerical value in the ANS list
Tap the white button to enter the value displayed on the label.
Swipe the screen left or right to rotate the right triangle.
Swipe the screen up and down to flip the right triangle.
Enter two right triangles and three inequilateral triangles.
Tap "Cal" to display the calculation result.
Press the “Cl” button to clear the displayed value.
By displaying "0" on the label, you can also erase only the specified location.
The numerical value of the calculation result can be displayed on the label by touching the button and sliding down, and can be used for the next calculation.
Trigonometric function calculation
"Back" and "Forward" can be done by sliding the buttons of [4] and [6].
Press the CLR button once to erase numbers
Press twice to reset rotation
Long press to clear numerical values, reset rotation, clear memory

Deployment section
The input method is the same as that of the calculator.
Pipe, PCD, and mirror deployment can be selected by sliding the screen left and right.
Basically, input is required for all buttons, but "0" can be used depending on the location.
Rounded corners (eccentricity) will switch to the input screen by double tapping the screen after entering the rounded corner value.
The division of the circumference must be entered in multiples of 4.
The figure of the calculation result is an image, so it differs from the actual shape.

What's New in Version 2.64.1

Added the ability to display a table of calculation results on the Apple Watch.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Triangle2
Screenshot of Triangle2
Screenshot of Triangle2
Screenshot of Triangle2

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