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Category: Business
Developer: Complea AS
Version: 3.2700
Size: 168.9 MB


Tradenda is a solution for recording, reporting and documentation. Tradenda records data via an app on smartphones and tablets. Tradenda sends data to a central server in the form of:
• Entered texts and numbers via forms and
• Captured images with
• Automatic GPS coordinates and
• Automatic time stamps.

Tradenda provides access to and use of data via browsers in which data can be searched and displayed on a map. An administration that can be adapted to the user. It is also in the administrationmodule that new forms can easily be created and customized.

Tradenda has the following features:
• Language set by user.
• Intuitive and easy to use, with large buttons.
• Calculates sums and totals.
• Geographical delimitation of the form view (GPS).
• Works offline.
• Secure communications from the app to server.
• Extract PDF, Excel and XML.
• Independent calculation fields (acts a bit like Excel).
• Look-up function (table lookup).
• Time stamp and geographical location (GPS) at line level.
• Intelligent calculating of the most probable location (GPS).
• Photographing with autofocus and just a click. No waiting for the next.
• Drawing on images without changes to the original image.
• Central management of picture aspect ratio.
• Seamless transmission of data (even with large volumes of images).
• Central management of image download size.
• Users can be assigned to one or more undertakings forms.

Tradenda can be used by virtually anyone who needs to send data in a structured way and to a central server. Virtually all industries and companies can benefit from making use of the app.

What's New in Version 3.2700

1) Opgave oversigt er lavet bedre både i default og kort.
2) Tabel gruppe udregning, udregner rigtig mht. tomme felter
3) Der er kommet validering på kommatal og heltals felter.

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