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Developer: naoki otsu
Version: 15.9.4
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ToDo for Google is an application that allows you to use Google Tasks on your desktop.
All Google Tasks operations can be completed within a single screen. It is available in English.

Google Tasks in a single screen
- All your Google Tasks can be completed in a single screen, making it easy to use Google Tasks.

Two-way synchronization with Google Tasks
- Bidirectional synchronization with Google Tasks allows you to manage common tasks on mobile and desktop.

Full Screen Support
- Eliminates the "narrow screen" problem of the browser version of Google Tasks.
- The application is completely independent, so you can split it in half and customize it as you like.

Global search from all tasks
- You can find a task among all tasks by a specified string.

Refine display of tasks with due dates of "today" and "tomorrow"
- You can narrow down the list to only tasks that are due today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or overdue.
- You can also view a list of "All" tasks.

Various Task Sorting Options
- You can sort tasks and task lists by drag & drop, by due date, or alphabetically.

Add multiple Google accounts
- You can add other Google accounts and quickly switch between them with a single click.

Add tasks with global shortcuts
- You can add tasks using the global shortcut (Command + Shift + A). (even while using other applications).

Alert Notification
- It will alert you of tasks that are 10 minutes before their due date.

Dark Mode Support
- The application supports dark mode, which is easy on your eyes and battery.
- It also supports automatic system interlocking, such as light mode in the morning and dark mode at night.

Support for English (US)
- You can change the language to "English (US)".
- The calendar and dates also follow the English (US) format.
- Support and feature requests are also available in English (US).

Robust security
- Google login with more secure authentication (Google OAuth 2.0).
- No passwords are entered or saved.
- No data is sent to non-Google servers. No data is sent to servers other than Google's. Data is exchanged directly between the device and Google's servers.

How to use
It's easy to start using ToDo for Google.
1. Start ToDo for Google. 
2. Sign in with your Google account. 
3. That's it!
You can start using Google Tasks right away.

If you have any problems, we are happy to help you in English (US).
Please contact us at the following email address, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Why ToDo for Google?
The browser version of Google Tasks is a great application.
However, since it is provided only as a sidebar to Gmail and Google Calendar, it is not always easy to use due to its narrow screen and limited functionality.
ToDo for Google is an application that Google Tasks pursued with the idea of "I wish it was more like this".

We want everyone who uses this application to be happy with it, and no one can beat us in that.
That is our promise from ToDo for Google.

What's New in Version 15.9.4

・Fixed to periodically fetch all tasks to show the latest task list and tasks.

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Screenshot of ToDo for Google
Screenshot of ToDo for Google
Screenshot of ToDo for Google
Screenshot of ToDo for Google

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