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Version: 8.2.0
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The timr time tracking app is a complete solution for recording working time, project time and business trips and mileage. All times are automatically synchronized with the central Cloud application - which means they're always backed up and available for daily billing. Consolidate all your employees under a single roof while increasing efficiency and saving time.

Employee time tracking features

* Employee time clock with simple start/stop function
* Records any type of working time (office, business trip, etc.)
* Provides employees' digital timesheets at the touch of a button - giving you constant oversight
* Mobile time tracking with GPS position detection when starting and stopping
* Tracks absences and leave (vacation, sick leave, absences and comp time)
* Vacation account with current vacation entitlement
* Automatically factors in public holidays on timesheets
* Automatic breaks and reminders
* Records notes for individual workdays

Leave manager features

* Request vacation days on the road in the app
* Registration of absence (Holidays, sick leave, time off)
* Notifications by email
* Holiday account with current holiday entitlement
Time tracking features for project time

* Fast mobile recording of order and project times with start/stop function
* Freely definable project structure for your project time tracking for any number of customers, projects, orders, tasks, etc.
* Mobile time tracking with GPS location when starting and stopping can be used as 
proof for customers and for internal control
* Live overview of all project hours, employees and budgets in the central timr cloud application
* Full budget control: create budgets and hourly rates, target-to-actual comparisons (in real time) and automatic email alerts if budget is exceeded
* Simple administration, analysis and billing in the Web application

Mileage log functionality

* Electronic mileage log with no cumbersome Excel spreadsheets - meets tax office requirements
* Use GPS to automatically enter the start/destination address
* Your travel log data is constantly synchronized with the timr cloud application and is automatically backed up there
* Fleet function: travel log for all company cars under one roof
* All recorded trips available 24x7 on smartphone and on the Web - you keep your travel costs under control.

Data security is very important (GDPR compliant)

Server located in Germany
Encrypted transmission
Automatic backup
Hourly and daily backup

Additional advantages of the timr time tracking app
-Handles any number of employees
-Support via email, chat and phone
-Accurate time tracking across time zones - record your travel time
How is timr different from all other available time tracking and mileage tracking apps?
timr's time tracking combines three types of tracking in ONE app: working time (payroll), project time (customer billing), and a mileage/travel log.
But timr is more than just a time tracking app. As a complete solution for smartphones and PC/Mac, timr offers a complete, all-around package for all your company's employees.

What's New in Version 8.2.0

+ In note fields you can access a QR code scanner via the keyboard

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