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Version: 1.5
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Timesheet - IPW TimeReg® - a tool for management of time and resources

Timesheet - IPW TimeReg® provides a complete overview of how you utilize your resources across projects, cases, activities and departments. 

Personalized timesheet that can be tailored to the individual organization. Get total time registration by employee, department, project team or the entire organization. 

Timesheet - IPW TimeReg® allows the user to record full registration as well as flex time, arrive - finish time, illness and holidays. The system is prepared for the individual needs of any business. 

The system is structured so that there is a built-in report module. Without reports a time registration system is worthless. We have made it possible to extract reports on all the standard activities required in a modern organization, across projects, departments and individuals. This gives the company a complete overview of the organization and of all its employees. 

In practice, the system is web-based and can be run from a centralized server. 

The system includes an authentication module for electronic authentication of hours whether you need it for department or project team. 

You can also attach all relevant key information for each project. The project can be broken down into activities so detailed that all parties can register their time spent. The system is based on project templates that provide a uniform planning and a transparent reporting. The solution is for any organization that needs to keep track of cases, projects, resources and hours.

What's New in Version 1.5

Minor bug fixes.

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