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Category: Business
Developer: RAD HB
Version: 2.0.6
Size: 2.4 MB


Timereporter is an application directed to small companies, self-employed persons, lawyers, consultants etc. and used to track and log customers, projects, time and expenses.
Timereporter allows you to create reports, send invoices by e-mail and track payments.
And the great thing is that all this can be done on the road on your iPhone or iPod touch.

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-Track multiple customers and multiple projects on each customer.
-Quickly add times and expenses with comments on each project
-Create reports as HTML, XML, pdf and comma separated values.
-Set different parameters for the reports.
-See the report directly in timereporter or on a computer.
-Create invoices and send them via e-mail, print them or export them to Dropbox and print them on a computer and send them by ordinary mail
-Create customers from contacts or create them from scratch.
-Have different rates for different projects.
-Create invoices with data from one or all projects on a customer.
-Add VAT or sales tax on your invoice with your own rate and name.
-Add your own payment details or other comments on the invoice, either for all in settings or for a specific invoice.
-See the finished invoice in timereporter before you send it and after you have sent it.
-All the data is on the iPhone or iPod Touch, you only need an internet connection when sending mails and exporting reports.
-Track payments and invoice overdue.
-A help system in the application itself.
-Send an eMail or make a call to the customer directly from within timereporter.
-Quickly see all invoiced and not invoiced summaries on a project and a customer.
And more...

If you want to give feedback please go to and click on Q & A.
All feedback is welcome.
We would appreciate if you could leave review on the iTunes App Store.

We are planning on making timereporter the centre of some helping applications and would like comments on what you need to see as feeding apps to timereporter.

What's New in Version 2.0.6

Fixed Contacts problem

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Timereporter
Screenshot of Timereporter
Screenshot of Timereporter
Screenshot of Timereporter

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