Download TimeMoney for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Developer: Dalasoft Limited
Version: 2.3
Size: 18.5 MB


TimeMoney performs computations involving Time and Money (or any other entity changing in time as a result of continuous or periodic growth).
Once the necessary data is input, Loans, Mortgages, Annuities, Sinking Funds, etc. computations are performed for the various possibilities at a single key-stroke.
Accumulation can be simple or compound at different periods, and payments can be made at start or end of period. In addition to the results of computations, tabular schedules show the details of changes over the period of time and, and graphs help to visualize the process.
The custom data entry keyboard, optimised for money entries, is also a calculator with growth-related functions and persistent memory. This allows to perform any additional calculations on the data used.
The current computation can be saved when the application is closed, and  computations can be named, saved and loaded as required, and data can be exchanged between computations through the persistent calculator memory.

What's New in Version 2.3

General updates and optimisations.

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