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Category: Business
Developer: TimeDock Ltd
Version: 2.1.9
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Save 10% - 30% on weekly wages by automating and simplifying your staff timesheet process with TimeDock's QR code scanning time clock for employee check-in.

1. Add employees and projects/jobs online.
2. Print and laminate employee barcode-ID badges
3. Staff present their ID badges to a supervisor who scans them to Start or Stop on the job.
4. Review employee timesheets online.

TimeDock is a portable time-clock system designed specifically for construction and other field-based organisations. It uses barcode ID cards for employees to toggle in and out of work locations.

Also works really well in workshops and offices by using an iPad on the wall to replace the old employee punch clock. TimeDock is the most versatile work time tracker.

TimeDock is the number one time clock app for multiple employees and field-based organisations. For everyone else just install it on an iPad on the wall and you'll have yourself a static employee punch clock for employees to clock in and out of work.

TimeDock enables your managers to scan employee time-card badges to start/stop on the job. Using bar-codes you can scan in dozens to hundreds of employees for each device connected to your TimeDock. TimeDock is by far the easiest multi-staff time clock app.

"When I work, time and attendance is no longer a concern. When the staff arrive they come to me and I swipe them in. It's the simplest work log for managers, and payroll can see their timesheets in a jiffy!".

"As a construction forman, I'm always busy busy. I just don't have time for slow manual-entry time tracking apps. TimeDock fixes that problem. I don't even need to press any buttons and I can clock twenty staff into site within seconds. I don't even have to know their names!"

TimeDock time and attendance is particularly suitable for project management time tracking, civil contractor timesheets, healthcare site based tag tracking, landscaping companies billing for their time, payroll outsourcing agencies, recruitment timesheets and many more businesses harvest time-sheets with TimeDock!

Managers install our time clock app on their iPhone and employees swipe their QR code time-card or NFC badge to quickly swipe into the job site, to start tracking their time.

View time-sheets instantly online, then download to your payroll app. Attendance is as easy as time-in and time-out.

What's New in Version 2.1.9

Fixed a scrolling issue with the employee screen.

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