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Category: Business
Developer: Daniel Aspenwall
Version: 1.0
Size: 0.9 MB


The Time Minder is a tool for the person who is chairman or moderator of meetings where many people speak.

The Time Minder is a timer for public speaking.  Have you ever been to a meeting where some enthusiast gets the floor and just keeps talking? In a book club, a business meeting or a public hearing, a long winded speaker can be troublesome. 

 The Time Minder is a timer that displays a countdown time on a green background which changes to yellow when the warning time is reached.   Once the total time has elapsed, the background goes red, then alternating red and blue flashes.   Optionally a bell or gavel sound is played when the time expires.   The display can be turned toward the speaker to let him and the audience know that the warning time has been reached or that time has expired.  The timer has a maximum time of fifteen minutes.

The Time Minder has a palette of sound effects you can choose from to represent the gavel.  

Take control of your next meeting with the Time Minder!

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Time Minder
Screenshot of Time Minder
Screenshot of Time Minder
Screenshot of Time Minder

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