Download The Lucky Buddha for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Cody Jameson
Version: 1.01
Size: 0.8 MB


Are you wishing for luck? Love? A better job? Wealth? Power? 

We can help making your wish come true with our Lucky Buddha app.

Built on superstitions and a strong belief in Buddha’s power, The Lucky Buddha app was designed to bring luck to anyone who believes. 

Simply download the app and tap on the smiling Buddha for luck. There is no limit on how many times you can tap.

Lucky symbols include money, crowns, four-leaf clovers and hearts will flow out of the Buddha to bring you luck.

Money = Wealth
Crown = Power
Four-Leaf Clover = Luck
Heart = Love (romance, family & friends) 

When you tap The Lucky Buddha, envision your wish coming true and really believe it. 

The first step in achieving a goal is telling yourself you can do it! 

Everyone needs a little luck, why not create your own?