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Version: 1.3
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Eureka! You’ve got the next million dollar idea! You’ve spent countless hours ironing out small details, planning, engineering, and trouble shooting this brilliant concept. You have your projected cost analysis and marketing strategy. What you don’t have however, is a name for this wonder product.

That’s where The Brand Generator Pro for your iPhone or iPod Touch steps in to save the day. With The Brand Generator Pro, the fruitless struggle of trying to find a catchy, up-beat and easily remembered brand name is over. Let Brand Generator Pro find it for you!

Similar to expensive, specialized advertising software, this multi-functional app is the perfect tool to help you reach your target audience, and tell them what you want to express about your product instantly. Designed and developed by a recognized marketing professional, it has all the information that you require when considering meaningful and impressive names for your product, company name, group or event.

The only thing you need to come up with is a product idea, and the demographic you want to reach. The Brand Generator Pro will do the rest by walking you through your idea point by point asking you which feature you would like to focus on so that you can create a name with the meaning and interpretation specific to your product. 
For example, let’s say that you begin a business with “Garden” as a general basis for the theme. From “Garden”, you begin refining the choices depending on the objective you want to achieve. Does your name represent an environmentally friendly product? Then choose “GREEN”, and the program will create a series of names which project an ecological image. Need a name for an all-natural beauty product made from garden plants, or a service that will add that homeopathic or homemade feel? If so, then select “HEALTHCARE” and the program will initiate a name that sounds homespun. You can also select “STATUS” if you want it to have a corporate feel. By selecting “Best Price”, your product name would then have a tone of value, or a good buy for the money. The Brand Generator Pro can also lend an ethnic flair to your potential brand. If your product has a German background or heritage, simply select “GERMAN” then a name with a German origin of quality will be offered up for your approval.

With 25 branding categories to choose from: Best Price, Chemical, Children, Cultural, English, Exotic, Family Name, Financial, Fun, German, Green, Health Care, Hi-Tech, Industrial, Italian, Japan, Luxury, Proximity, Soft, Status, Tasty, Girly, French, Latin and Trendy; you are guaranteed to find the perfect name for your vision. 

Want to test the quality of the proposed names?  Brand Generator Light offers 5 categories for you to try. With Brand Generator Pro on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you can concentrate on making a name for yourself, and let us concentrate on making a name for your product.

What's New in Version 1.3

Compatibility with iOs 5.1 to 7.xx

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Screenshot of The Brand Generator Pro
Screenshot of The Brand Generator Pro
Screenshot of The Brand Generator Pro
Screenshot of The Brand Generator Pro

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