Download Texas Lobbyist Directory for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Developer: Bellwether
Version: 2.0
Size: 12.7 MB


The Texas Lobbyist Directory is the single best source of easy-to-access information about Texas lobbyists and their clients. Keep tabs on changes in lobbyists’ registration and be on rapid alert when a company or industry suits up to fight or pass legislation!

Quickly browse or search through registered lobbyists, their clients, and the firms who represent them.  This app implements all-new data for 2017, with scheduled updates already in the works. 

Application features include:

LOBBYISTS: Browse alphabetically or search through a list of registered lobbyists.  

CLIENTS:  Learn which organizations employ lobbyists.  Scroll alphabetically or use the search feature to identify clients and learn of their registered address.  Easily access a list of their registered lobbyists and any firms lobbying on their behalf.

What's New in Version 2.0

Completely re-built app from the ground up!
This all-new version contains the latest lobbyist registration information for 2017 and provides automated background updating.
You can now search by partial lobbyist or client name, and add any client or lobbyist directly to your contacts.
Ranking reports are also new, so you can see which lobbyists has the most clients, which clients have the most lobbyists, and which Texas cities contain the most lobbyists.

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