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Category: Business
Developer: PunkStar Studios
Version: 1.0
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Tax names and the tax percentage is customizable and will "stick" between uses.

If you ever have to reverse the tax out (or one of two taxes) of a total to get a break down of the taxes and subtotal, this is the application for you.

It's perfect for the people who fill out expense reports which require the tax to be reversed out and everything broken down.

TaxReverse is a calculator that not only reverses the taxes out, but will show you different combinations of subtotals and taxes.

Several countries including Canada have GST (Goods and Services Tax). Business need to pull that tax out for their GST returns. The expense amount would be the subtotal and the PST (provincial sales tax) added together. This calculator lays it all out for you perfectly.

If you only have one tax (and not two) then simply enter 0 for the second tax.

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Screenshot of Tax Reverse
Screenshot of Tax Reverse

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