Download StarBarrage for iPhone, iPad

Category: Entertainment
Developer: Gang Liu
Version: 1.0.1
Size: 143.7 MB


This is a hand-held barrage that can customize fonts, sizes, colors, moving directions, animation effects, backgrounds, and can insert special characters such as: love, smiley, character cartoon avatar, etc...

scenes to be used:
Scene 1: What do you do when you watch the concert? Take out your big screen mobile phone, then show your voice on the screen, you can have three or five friends together, one screen and one word, waving together, the effect is absolutely unforgettable

Scene 2: I like my girlfriend/boyfriend for a long time. What if I don’t dare to say it? Take out your mobile phone, go to his/her face, match the pink/starry sky background, play your feelings, bravely tell him/her

Scene 3: What to do if the airport picks up people without a license plate? Take out your mobile phone/tablet, write the name of the person you want to pick up, and bring special effects. How can you not pay attention? If it is a star, he/she will still take photos with you.

Scene 4: .... Unlimited creativity, let's play it...

New preview:
Will increase the save, share and other functions
Will add preset animations, such as candles, dynamic love, etc.
Will add a custom background (including taking photos and downloading images from the web)

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