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Version: 1.8.2
Size: 6.8 MB


Write styled Markdown notes , sync across iPad, iPhone and Mac add to-dos and tags, export to a variety of formats and choose your favourite style from a variety of colourful themes.
SpringNotes is a new approach to note taking and although minimalist by design has features that are intuitive and very powerful.
With SpringNotes you can write beautifully styled notes with tasks right where they should be within the context of the note and then action them to ensure you stay on track.
It’s also a Foldable Outliner that allows you to structure long documents and quickly find and reveal folded details.
You can rearrange your notes (with tasks)  just by dragging them around and with folded outlines this takes productivity to a whole new level.
You can organise your notes into folders and sub-folders or rely on tags and smart-find features such as seeing notes that have incomplete tasks at a glance with the SpringNotes Task Circle.

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**Private Sync**
SpringNotes uses iCloud to sync your notes  across iPad, iPhone and Mac so they remain private and secure.
You are also able to export and share your notes in a variety of formats including plain text and JSON

** Support**
Please visit for detailed information. You can also reach us at for support.
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What's New in Version 1.8.2

* The prior update stopped spelling working correctly- (sorry for this).  This update now restores expected functionality.
* Adjusted the editor bottom inset to make text at the bottom of the editor less cramped.
* Fine tuned Smart Lists  and added ability to select multiple numbered list paragraphs and indent/un-indent them with one keystroke and they will auto re-number. 

 Thank you to those who have provided feedback, it really helps. We are working to ensure SpringNotes performs well. Please visit the SpringNotes App Blog for information on the exciting improvements we are working on for upcoming releases and if you have feedback or suggestions they are always welcome.