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Version: 2.0.0
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Make and Share Google Maps!
Snapmapper makes  building maps of your travels as easy as taking pictures.
You found a great little out-of-the-way restaurant, will you remember the name next time you're in town? Can you tell your friends how to meet you there or find it next month?  With Snapmapper on your iPhone a few taps are all you need.  

You can quickly make a mapped snapshot and share it on Google maps. Whether you're hunting for a home or sightseeing exotic cities, you will have your iPhone and SnapMapper to record what you saw and where you saw it. Organize your tours and upload them to Picasa photo albums, Google maps or Google Fusion Tables at a touch. Keep your favorite restaurants or fishing spots private, or share them with the world, the choice is yours.

Even if you are a professional photographer, it can be handy to have a map showing where and when you shot, or want to shoot. Site surveys or location scouting will be easier when your maps are made for you automatically and you can publish them with one touch.

Your iPhone doesn't suffer from jet lag or the exhaustion of a long day of bicycle touring, why not let it remember exactly where you took which of those vacation pictures for you? With SnapMapper, it will.

SnapMapper also works without an online account, keeping your photos and maps right in your phone. View your landmarks as well as current location to help you navigate to that great bargain you found, or back to your car afterwards. You can annotate each photo with a title and comment, while SnapMapper automatically keeps track of the time, location and even direction (on iPhone3GS or compass-compatible devices)  of your photos. With a touch, you can email any of your photos with all that information and a quick link to the location on Google Maps.

SnapMapper includes powerful enhancements to the iPhone's standard camera, from a compass overlay showing the direction and your location accuracy, to a flexible image cropper that lets you save your photos in standard square or 4x3 shape or the iPhone's customary 3x2 aspect. Pick and lock the focus and exposure, for otherwise impossible effects.

- Create multiple maps with photos you can access and navigate without any online account

- Store photos with time and location and direction taken

- Add or edit the title and description for maps and individual photos

- Creates Picasa photo album, and Google Map with a landmark for each Picasa photo

- Create Google Fusion Table with photo URL, location, direction, name, comment, time columns

- Custom image cropper lets you save photos with 4:3, 3:4, 1:1 standard aspects, or use the iPhone native 3:2 or 2:3 aspect

- Camera overlay shows location accuracy and optional compass HUD.

- Camera auto-focus and auto-exposure: tap once to focus on an item, twice to set exposure for it.

- Camera focus, exposure and white-balance lock.

- Email photos at full resolution, with link to map and GPS coordinates.

- Save full-resolution images to photo album

- App settings available from within the app, not hidden in the iPhone's settings app.

- Inline help

- Jump to Google to preview your uploads in a browser

What's New in Version 2.0.0

Enhanced Camera Support: touch and lock exposure, focus and white balance. Flash, back camera control.
Export to Google Fusion Tables.
Inline help.
Jump to Google websites for exported docs
Updated Google Client Library
Retina graphics
Numerous bug fixes and cosmetic enhancements

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Screenshot of SnapMapper for Google maps
Screenshot of SnapMapper for Google maps
Screenshot of SnapMapper for Google maps
Screenshot of SnapMapper for Google maps

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