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- Create business profile pages any where, any time
- Notify businesses of new pages via email automatically
- Build prospect lists and see how many lists your prospects are on
- Schedule appointments and follow-ups
- Track and monitor referrals
- Access your control panel
- Affiliate sales resources


How It Works:

Make money on your mobile by building profile pages for local
businesses in your community using your trusted iPhone.

Take photos, validate contact information and build sites for businesses
while you're on the go.

You can track your prospects, schedule appointments, add and claim business
profiles, sell packages and view your referrals right on your phone.

Every business in the community is eligible for a complimentary basic
profile page. You make money when a business upgrades to a paid premium
package that gives them more exposure and features.

The value package is $47/month and the maximum package is $97/month.  To
learn more go to 

Depending on your number of paying referrals, it can really add up!

Residual Monthly Commission Chart - 30%
Referrals                Packages
#                    Value     Maximum
10              $  141.00    $   291.00
50              $  705.00    $ 1,455.00
100             $1,410.00    $ 2,910.00
250             $3,525.00    $ 7,275.00
500             $7,050.00    $14,550.00


The Process:

Are you active in the community? Do you interact with small businesses

You have the unique opportunity to support your community, save jobs, be a
local hero and make money at the same time.  

It starts by downloading the affiliate app.

After it's installed, create a business profile to use as your affiliate
account. If you don't have an existing company, just setup a new one called
' Affiliate Rep' with your contact information via  

Once your profile is created, study the training material to learn how benefits small businesses and the local community, and then
take the online quiz and certification program.

After certification, you can go out into the community with your iPhone to
visit businesses and get them setup with profile pages they can
use to promote themselves to local consumers.

This is what you'd say: "Hi, I'm John Doe, an independent
representative. I'd like to create a free shop profile page for you so that
consumers can find you when they're looking for the products and services
you offer. 

It'll just take 3 minutes of your time, there's no cost and you'll be able
to update your page whenever you like. I've already taken a photo of your
storefront and if I could just verify your contact information and email
address, I'll click the 'save' button and your profile will be created
instantly and your login information will be emailed to you.

I've got your address as...  And your phone number as... Which email address
would you like to use?

Okay, great. Now, I just need to ensure you're listed under the right
categories. You're currently under Category A and Category B.  Is there
anything you'd prefer to be listed under? [Point out some other options - if
they are interested in additional categories, get into the next step]

Well, the free basic package gives you access to two categories. To get
listed in those other categories you can upgrade to the Value or the Maximum
packages that will give you either 5 or 10 categories.

Upgrading also ensures you show up at the top of your categories, your logo
will also be featured on your top level categories and you'll get more

If you'd like to upgrade right now, you can use my affiliate discount."

That's it. It's low-pressure and the application guides you through the
sales process.


Twitter: @shopcity

What's New in Version 1.6.2

The "Add a Business" option is now used for adding unclaimed businesses.

There is now a "Claim a Business" option for adding claimed businesses.

Contact name fields have also been added.

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Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application
Screenshot of Affiliate Application

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