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Category: Business
Developer: Scott Hendison
Version: 2.04
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This app evaluates nearly everything you would want to look at regarding on-page Search Engine Optimization, and usually completes the analysis in about 45 seconds. 

After completing the report, you may e-mail the results to any email address using your own email program.
The recommendations  are provided  by  Google’s #1 ranked “search engine expert”  Scott Hendison, the CEO of Search Commander, Inc., and the founder of SEO Automatic.
If you “already know SEO”, this tool saves you untold time and energy depending on your skill and efficiency level.
If you don’t “already know SEO”, then it will not only show you “what’s wrong?” with a given URL, but will give you and your team all of the necessary details needed to do things “right for SEO”, based on accepted best practices.
No matter their skill level, anyone familiar with SEO would probably look at a few basic elements of your webpage, and these inspections can now be automated.
The page elements are nearly always the same no matter how big or small the website, and include the following:

   • Title tag
   • Description tag
   • Keyword tag
   • Header Tags

Most of those are pretty easy to spot and fix, but beyond those basics, someone with more experience is also going to look at your…
   • Alt Tags
   • Robots.txt file
   • Internal links
   • External links
   • XML sitemap
   • Page size
   • Image sizes
   • Object sizes
   • Design issues
   • Styling issues
   • Favicon
   • Page & Image caching
   • Server Configuration
   • Canonical issues - and more
This tool tells you exactly where you stand on these things, and in most cases, tells you how to fix them too.

What's New in Version 2.04

Minor update in 2011 for speed. Now it's March of 2015 and there's nothing new to say

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Screenshot of SEO Automatic
Screenshot of SEO Automatic
Screenshot of SEO Automatic

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