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Category: Business
Version: 1.3.0
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Rahmqvist PIMnotes is your mobile Personal Information Management tool, enabling you to combine the simplicity of analog handwriting with the benefits of modern technology.
By using Neo smartpen N2 together with our variety of PIMnotes products you will be sure to secure and store all of your important notes and reminders directly in the Rahmqvist PIMnotes app

-Within the Rahmqvist PIMnotes app you then have easy accessibility to all your stored information on your mobile device, with the possibility to search for specific notes based on the date of submit.  

-Notes of specific importance you can easily submit to our Tasklist function for later reminder or the option to share directly to your colleagues.

-To place a note in your Tasklist you have two options; 
Either do this directly on the paper you are writing on, by ticking the Tasklist icon on the top of the page with your Neo smartpen N2 
by doing this manually within the app itself. 

-All notes placed in the Tasklist are digital copies of the original document, which will still remain stored in your library.

-The information on the paper transfers from your Neo smartpen N2 to your connected device via bluetooth in a live streaming fashion. 
Should you forget your device, or its battery should be uncharged, the Neo smartpen N2 has a built in memory which can store up to 1000 written pages. 
Once your smartpen connects with your device again, all new data will automatically be submitted and transferred to your PIMnotes library.

To help you keep order throughout your workday, improve your productivity, being able to quickly send sketches and ideas to your colleagues and by not risking to lose important notes and information, Rahmqvist PIMnotes in conjunction with the Neo smartpen N2, is the perfect tool for both office and field. 
After all, all these opportunities fits inside the size of a pen.  

Happy Workday!

What's New in Version 1.3.0

- Fixed offline syncing

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Screenshot of Rahmqvist PIMnotes
Screenshot of Rahmqvist PIMnotes
Screenshot of Rahmqvist PIMnotes
Screenshot of Rahmqvist PIMnotes

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