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Run your business from your iPhone.  Missing Piece is proud to bring you Purchase Order.  

Control the costs side of your business with a convenient and secure application for ordering goods or services.  Purchase Order would be ideal for a business owner, manager or employee who wishes to send purchase orders from their iPhone.   It saves having to carry a purchase order book with you and allows you to send purchase orders without having to deliver them personally or go back to the office.  It is well designed, intuitive and easy to use.
Purchase Order creates secure PDF purchase orders in a professional format which can be emailed directly from your iPhone.  Copy or blind copy the purchase orders back to your office.

Purchase Order includes a calculator for working out quantities and prices.  It also builds a history database as you use it - no need to spend hours entering your inventory before you use the application.
Record deliveries against your purchase orders.  Completed orders are kept in the History.

Purchase Order is stand alone - you do not need an internet connection or third party website to process your transactions.  

Purchase Order can be customised, is flexible and integrates all its functions into a powerful business tool.  You can even add your own company logo.

•	Create and send purchase orders from your phone in pdf format
•	Incorporate your company logo
•	Use the handy purchase order calculator for working out quantities and prices
•	View a summary of purchase orders sent and their status
•	Record goods received against purchase orders
•	Integrate with your iPhone contacts
•	Build a history database as you use the application
•	Customise the application to suit your business – add notes, terms and tax rates
•	How to page included in the application.

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Screenshot of Purchase Now
Screenshot of Purchase Now
Screenshot of Purchase Now
Screenshot of Purchase Now

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