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ProStream Mobile 

Create professional quality digital ads and stream your portfolio from anywhere with ProStream Mobile. Discover this digital signage solution and help grow your business and your own work via sweeping professional quality visualizations straight from your iPad. 

ProStream Mobile is your digital signage creation hub. No more outsourcing to create digital ads or wasting time compiling your portfolio via ineffective tools: 

Simply create ads & portfolios through a single hub, and they’re ready to stream straight from your mobile device. 

Your central command station: ProStream features intuitive editing and content creation tools that let you assemble ads or portfolios with ease while providing you with a single highly organized space to develop new visual content and save completed projects all at once. You don’t need to be a design expert to advertise yourself or your business - with ProStream all you need is an iPad. Here’s how it works: 

To start making a new ad or portfolio simply open up your Template menu and choose the templates you’d like to use. You’re free to design as many different templates as you want to via the app’s creation toolbox. Feel free to reuse templates as often as you’d like or create unique new ones for each ad or portfolio variation you come up with!

Add in almost anything you want into slides for your ad-space including:

-Texts (Stagnant or Crawling)
-RSS Feeds
-Multi-Image Sliders or Photos!

You can link together as as many slides as you’d like in your Timeline, and adding in smooth customizable transitions between every slide is a snap as well via the ‘Presentation Transition’ tab!

When you’re ready to view or present your next ProStream Mobile portfolio or digital ad simply select it, hit the ‘Playback’ option in your command screen, and let the visual perfect do the talking!

Explore the World of ProStream Mobile, learn about ways to make the most of your ProStream experience via our in-depth tutorials, and get to the business of making digital signage presentations in the mobile age today!

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