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Category: Business
Developer: Powwownow
Version: 5.5
Size: 67.4 MB


PowWowNow is here to make your lives a little easier, that’s just what gets us going in the morning (aww!) Introducing the PowWowNow App, bringing you browser-based video calls (paid plans only) and reliable basic conference calls at the touch of a button. Enjoy HD video, crystal-clear audio, online chat, viewable screen share and more. 

Here’s to more:

Schedule your meeting via email
Quickly copy all your meeting details to your desired email application. Scheduling a meeting has never been so easy.

Schedule your meeting via SMS
If you’re team SMS versus team email, then we’ve got you. Copy your details straight to your SMS, primed for that group text message to all your Guests.

Host your meetings with a single click
To set up and host your meeting you just need to click a single button. We’ll do the heavy lifting, i.e. remembering your PIN. 

Join someone else’s meeting
Just enter the Guest PIN and bingo, you’re in. 

View dial-in numbers
Dial-in numbers can be a source of irritation in the backside. That’s why our App stores them all in one place, so you know exactly what number to use and what to include in your meeting invite. 

Splendid support
We’ve got a wealth of support available through the app for any tricky questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, then you can always call or email our wonderful Customer Service team who will be happy to help. 

If you haven’t yet made the leap from conference calls to video calls then you can always sign up to our free trial here: 

What's New in Version 5.5

Browser based video calling for Pro plan users. Host and join video call meetings by clicking a button to access the web conference website.
Schedule video call meetings and store your personal account details without having to memorise your PIN.