Download Plow Route for iPhone, iPad

Developer: Noah Woodward
Version: 1.1
Size: 25.9 MB


Save time and money with Plow Route: The first navigation optimization platform specifically made for snowplowing. Create preset navigation routes that open right in Google Maps for navigation. No longer do you have to input addresses each time that you go on a route. Some of the top features include: 

- Time optimized routes: We do all of the heavy lifting so you can do all the heavy plowing all while saving time. All routes created are listed in order to optimize the amount of time in the route.

- Priority Address list. Add customers that need their property plowed first and we will optimize the route based on addresses in your priority list.

- Have late call-ins? Add them to your call-in list to add them to the end of the route. We also optimize all the routes in the call-in list to ensure that you have the best route at all times. 

- Open the route list directly in Google Maps for turn-by-turn navigation for all of your routes. 

- Customer doesn't want their property plowed? Skip the address from the route screen and they will not be included in your navigation list.

What's New in Version 1.1

We changed the way you enable navigation with your routes. The flow of starting the route to navigating is now much smoother. Give it a try by going into a route and now you can get navigation for each specific address on the list!

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