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Version: 4.31.0
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The Orcas App is the component of the Orcas Flowmeter solution that connects your iPhone to the innovative Orcas Sensor to measure fluid flow through pipes.

The companion Orcas, and Cypress flowmeter sensors are compact, clamp-on ultrasonic transducer devices that sense fluid flow through a pipe wall and wirelessly transmits flow measurements to the Orcas App using Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Orcas App guides you through your setup, then displays the readings taken by your Orcas Sensor. The App remembers your location specifications so you’re always ready to take additional readings.

The Orcas Flowmeter solution features:
* Installation. The Orcas Sensor senses through a pipe wall, allowing the meter to be installed on the outside of any pipe.
* Quick, accurate setup. You can select nearly all of your setup parameters from pre-loaded, drop-down menus, so you go faster and risk fewer errors. 
* MODBUS RTU, 4-20mA, Pulse output options with the Cypress hardware.
* Transmit, store, and access flow data on the Cloud, by connecting with the Ayyeka Wavelet hardware device.
* Data Logger. Record flow for up to 365 days and share the data via email, text, or air drop.
* Bluetooth-enabled. The Orcas App automatically connects to your Orcas Sensor through your device’s Bluetooth technology.
* Always improving. Enhancements arrive regularly on your device via simple App update.
* Save and re-use location settings. Ideal for repeated periodic checks.
* Accurate. The Orcas App automatically filters flow data, then uses an advanced proprietary signal processing techniques to calculate flow.
* Metric or Imperial measurements. Pre-loaded, input and displayed values in your system of choice.

Learn more about the Orcas Sensor and the Orcas Flowmeter solution at

What's New in Version 4.31.0

- Added "Aquatherm" pipe to setup library
- Added "Propylene Glycol" liquid to setup library

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Orcas Flowmeter
Screenshot of Orcas Flowmeter
Screenshot of Orcas Flowmeter
Screenshot of Orcas Flowmeter

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