Category: Business

Updated: Oct 22, 2016

Version: 20100511.1

Size: 0.1 MB

Developer: Rowdy Labs LLC

Seller: Rowdy Labs LLC

Rated 4+


Sometimes you wish you had some way to hold up STOP on a little sign to stop a co-worker from putting their foot in their mouth further.

A simple "Dance?" put up on a little sign and held up to a beautiful woman in a loud bar could end well for you later.

"Lunch?" held up in a class to a nearby friend can setup a fun lunch appointment. 

These scenarios and more can all play out after you download One Word. 

  * * *

One Word allows you to make a small sign, visible from a moderate distance, to communicate your message.

  * * *

One Word resizes the text you put into it to fit the screen. 

It has a Normal (Black on Gray), Contrast (Black on Orange) and a special night vision mode to not ruin your ability to see in a dark place or outside at night (Red on Black).

What's New in Version 20100511.1

Updated to now work with the iPad and to work better with the iPod/iPhone 3.x series.

Removed ads.

Screenshots for iPhone, iPad