Download Obscur for iPhone, iPad

Version: 1.0
Size: 13.1 MB


As an amateur painter, I’m often frustrated by my drawings – somewhere between the model and canvas my brain gets involved and things move out of place or scale.

For years I’ve dealt with this by taking pictures of my work in progress and then using photo editing software to superimpose that image over a source image to check my work. This process was effective but time-consuming and required sitting in front of a computer instead of my easel.

To solve those problems, I put together this app – obscur. It allows me to instantly compare my work-in-progress with a source image and make adjustments on the fly.

Like the Camera Obscura of old, the obscur app allows you to instantly superimpose source images over your creative work. If you are drawing, painting or just curious about the world around, the obscur app is an amazing tool.

Choose a photo or image from your device and then hold it up to your canvas or work surface. By dragging your finger up and down you can adjust the opacity. Tapping the pause button will freeze the "live" image for closer inspection.

I hope this app proves useful to you and would love to see what you create!