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Now you can set up a website, manage it and show it to the world all from your iPhone. It is a cutting-edge app created with an extremely simple user-interface. If you can download this app then you can set up your website in less than 5 minutes. It is that simple!

We distilled our experience of many years of creating websites in to a tool called Website Builder. This tool allows any one to set up a website in less than five minutes with great ease.

myWebsite App is our Website Builder for the iPhone.

Set up that website which you have always wanted to set up - now using your iPhone and you get ...

*** All-inclusive website solution. In 5 minutes you don't get just a design. You get a fully functional website. You get a website that is vibrantly live, visually stunning and loaded with cool features. Ready for the components of the package? Here you go: hosting, email, domain name, content management tool, search engine submission, technical support and of course the design. All included. At a very affordable monthly fee.

*** Quick and extremely simple steps. No computer knowledge is required to set up your website or manage your website. You do not need to know HTML or other geek stuff. If you are reading this page, you can set up and manage your website using your iPhone.

*** No setup charges. That's right. You pay no setup charges. If you are wondering, no one time charges of any kind. Also, no down payment.

*** Very low monthly fee. Even though our services can be enjoyed by businesses of any size, our pricing was set up with the small business in mind. Before you ask, no long-term contract. It is month-to month.

*** First 30 days FREE. Set up a website. Play with it. Share it with your friends. Write a blog on it. Play with it more. Do all this without paying a penny the first 30 days.

*** No billing info required. To set up a website you do not give us your credit card, banking or any other billing info. All payments are through you iTunes account.

*** Content Management Tool. It is your website. Why should you depend on (and pay) someone else to edit its content? You need not have to. Your website will come with a tool to manage its content. A tool that you can use on your iPhone. The myWebsite app not only allows you to create a website but also allows you to manage it - all from your iPhone.

*** Blog. Your website will come with a blog. The additional price you pay for this cool feature is zero. You got it? Nada, nothing additional to get a blog on your website. Imagine the possibilities with having the ability to write blogs on your website!

*** Great selection of elegant, professional-looking designs. We have a collection of stunning website designs. You will be able to find a design that matches your taste.

*** Search Engine Optimized. Your website will be inherently optimized for search engines. We have created and turned on features that make it easy for search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to find your website.

*** Ability to switch the design of your website. Give your website a new look and feel as often as you want. Choose a new design anytime you want and simply switch your website to the new design. All in a few simple steps. Oh, before you leave this point, the additional price you have to pay for this is zero dollars.

*** Higher purpose. We believe in a greener planet. We use the most environment friendly solutions to bring you this service to your finger tips.


Note from the developer: 

This is our first attempt to create a App that can create and manage your website. We value your feedback. Please do provide us feedback on your experience with the App. Your feedback will help us the product even better. 

Thank you, 
myWebsite Development Team.

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