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myCard Free is the free receiver app for myCard. myCard, the full version, quickly and simply beams your contact information to other iPhone users.

myCard Free lets you receive the beamed contact information directly into your contacts. You can also send back your contact information, exchanging cards both ways in a single step.

myCard and myCard Free are the first in our series of "Missing Apps" for iPhone and iPod Touch. If you like the way myCard Free makes exchanging contact information quick and simple, get the full myCard app for only 99 cents.

Since the successful launch of myCard at Macworld Expo 2009, our users have given us great feedback and ideas, which we have incorporated into myCard and myCard Free.

myCard is a contact sharing application that is lightweight, fast, secure, does not require you to create an online account, works without wi-fi, and is extremely easy to use.

Features and Benefits

• Free receiver app for myCard. Lets you receive contact information beamed from any myCard user
• Return any card in response to one from a myCard user
• iPhones can use this anywhere on the cellular network, without wi-fi
• Select which parts of your card to return
• Secure and simple pass-code interface to protect your information during transfer using end-to-end SSL/TLS encryption
• Seamless integration with the standard Contacts app interface makes myCard Free familiar and easy to use
• Returned card can include any photo or image attached to your contact card
• Preview your returned card
• Edit or add a note to received card
• Privacy: we never keep your card data

We strongly encourage any feedback to help us improve our software, just use the support link below. We are constantly improving and updating each application with fixes and feature enhancements. For more information about myCard, and our other iPhone applications, please visit our web site.

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Screenshot of myCard Free
Screenshot of myCard Free
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