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Version: 1.0
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The easiest way to calculate margins, markups, selling prices, tax impact and discounts!  

My Margins is made up of 3 useful calculators that give you vital information in seconds. It also includes a built in e-mail function so you can send your results instantly!

My Margins brings simplicity to your business related calculations.  No need to waste time with formulas or settings, everything is laid out on-screen and dynamic instructions let you know what to do next.

You simply need to enter figures into 2 of the on screen inputs, press Calculate and My Margins will do the rest. A subtle visual indicator lets you know which fields are calculated and which are your inputs. When the calculation is complete, you can press the mail icon and your data will be instantly transformed into an e-mail ready to send.
This app will also let you factor in VAT (Sales tax).  Find out what your markup, margins, selling price and profit will be after tax!

Calculators included
-Margin/Markup – (Cost, Price, Profit, Markup, Margin, VAT)
-VAT – (Price, VAT, VAT rate, Price after tax)
-Discount – (Price, Discount, Discount Rate, Price after discount)

Examples of when to use My Margins:

-You buy a product for £82 and need to sell it with a 65% margin. My Margins will calculate the markup, selling price and profit. 

- You buy something from a shop for £100 and you want to claim the 20% VAT back.  My Margins will tell you exactly how much of that price is VAT. Don't get caught making potentially costly mistakes!

- Something you want to buy is £150 after a 30% off sale. How much did it cost at full price? My Margins will tell you!

Please use the in app contact page to send any feedback or suggestions.

-9/10 from The App Hut!

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