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Version: 1.1
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"My Couplets" helps you realize your desire to write couplets, share your joy and mood with friends and relatives during the New Year, and bring the necessary tools to siblings.

"My couplets" generate couplets with your personal characteristics. You can even use your name to generate couplets, and you can also use any sentence you think of.

"My couplets" is based on the technical implementation of artificial intelligence machine learning. Currently, it supports the generation of arbitrary couplets with a length of one to ten Chinese characters. As long as you enter the couplet you want, she will help you match out the hundreds of thousands of couplets.

Couplet-related knowledge

Couplets, also known as duals, door pairs, spring stickers, spring couplets, couples, peach charms, couplets (named because of the hanging pillars in the halls and halls in ancient times), etc., are a kind of duality literature that originated in peach charms. It is a dual sentence written on paper, cloth, or carved on bamboo, wood, or pillars. Concise and concise, it is a unique art form of the Chinese language.

What's New in Version 1.1

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