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Version: 2.0
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The Momentum 360 application allows the collision investigator to determine vehicle velocities in two vehicle collisions utilizing the conservation of linear momentum based on:
•Vehicle Weights (masses)
•Approach and Departure Headings and
•Any combination of 2 of the 4 involved velocities.

Unlike most traditional momentum programs, the momentum 360 application does not limit the accident investigator to using only the post impact velocities when determining speeds. Instead, the momentum 360 application allows the investigator to use any combination of the 2 impact and post impact velocities in order to solve the remaining 2 unknown velocities.

The approach and departure angles may be entered in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, and there is no requirement that any of the angles have to be set to 0 degrees.

All of the data may be entered directly into the application through the use of text boxes. However, ALL of the entered values may be adjusted up and down through the use of a slider. This allows the investigator to quickly determine any sensitivity issues that may be associated with the selected data simply by moving the slider, since the calculated results change instantly along with the selected data as the slider is moved. 

To activate the slider, the button adjacent to the data is selected, which in-turn will highlight the selected data in red.

The main data screen displays the momentum results, the change in velocities of both vehicles (in units of mph or km/h) as well as their respective principal direction of force. 

There are two additional screens. The first displays the momentum, delta v and pdof calculations in a step-by-step manner. The third screen displays additional results to include: the calculated velocities in units of fps or m/s, the impact and post impact kinetic energy of the involved vehicles along with the combined change in kinetic energy, the closing and separation velocities of the vehicles, each vehicle’s change in direction and the collision restitution.

What's New in Version 2.0

Main screen 
-Moved the additional calculations to a scrollable window on the main screen.
-The additional calculations appear below the speed calculations when scrolled down
-When the text box is selected to enter data, the entire text box will highlight in yellow instead of a red border.

Calculation Screen
-Added the derivation to the Conservation of Linear Momentum Equation on the Calculation screen. 

-Additional Calculations Screen
Removed the Additional Calculations Screen and replaced it with an instruction screen. 
On the instruction screen added a link to the Accident Analysis Reconstruction Training Calendar on Facebook.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of Momentum360
Screenshot of Momentum360
Screenshot of Momentum360
Screenshot of Momentum360

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