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Version: 1.2
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"Innovapptive mStkMvmts (Mobile Stock Movements) app provides access to the stock view at Plant/Storage Location/ Batch levels directly from a mobile device, view and firm  planned requirements, receive and issue goods  and track assets in an enterprise.

Business Pain Points:
- Organizations struggle to provide the stock information on the finger tips to their employees, and empower them with information to make spot decisions. 
- Typically the employee (floor manager, field officer) will have to get to his/her desk or PC and log into SAP and get the stock information. 
- No visibility at the finger tip, if stock is available in Quality, consignment etc. which can be transferred to usage or procure the item. 
- All companies have to do an Asset Inventory Physical count every year for Audit purposes. SAP does not have a built in functionality to perform this function
- Organizations rely on employees to do manual updates or spend on a dedicated Barcode scanning software and build an interface to capture data into SAP. Again this process may not be well integrated and is dependent on the interface.
- Most old barcode scanners do not come with GPS, so the location capture is not automatic.
- It’s hard to track who did the scanning as the barcode scanner cannot track who is doing the physical inventory

Value proposition of the Mobile Stock Overview:
- Empower the end users with information they require to make on the spot decisions improving the productivity and performance
- Employees on the shop floor and in the field can check stock situation, track stock and move stock (receive and issue) from anywhere anytime.
- The shop floor, warehouse, plant, IT department or any section of the business receives a product that needs to be categorized as an asset. They attach the barcode (Asset Tag) and scan the barcode using the mAssetTag app. Since it’s a new asset and the asset cannot be found in SAP, and the app gives the user the functionality to enter the asset master data and send this information to the asset accountant who will then create the asset in SAP and enter costs.
- Fixed Asset Accountants will have a better grasp on assets and do capitalizations, inventory in shorter time
- Pin-point GPS data allows accurate location reporting – significant for filing property taxes."

What's New in Version 1.2

Updated new functionality and compatible for IOS6 and 7.

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Screenshot of Mobile Stock Movements
Screenshot of Mobile Stock Movements
Screenshot of Mobile Stock Movements
Screenshot of Mobile Stock Movements