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Category: Business
Version: 1.3
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M-Pin - The Single Smartest way to Sign In.

With the MIRACL M-Pin Mobile App system administrators and end-users can securely authenticate to any M-Pin enabled service, without any password, including:

- Web sites and applications
- SAML federated enterprise applications
- RADIUS applications such as VPN’s, SSH sessions and remote desktops using one time passwords generated in the app
- M-Pin Connect – MIRACL OpenID Connect service for OIDC enabled web applications
For more information on M-Pin, please visit
Key features of the MIRACL M-Pin Mobile App:

- True, two factor authentication – your phone is the first “something you have” factor and a user-chosen PIN is the second “something you know factor”
- Out-of-band workflow – no credentials are entered into the host machine making it resistant to key-logging malware and therefore suitable for use on shared or public PC’s
- Simple, ATM-like user experience – authenticate by simply entering your 4-digit PIN
- A single application to authenticate into multiple services using multiple identities
- Add, edit & delete multiple services to connect the application to
- Add, edit & delete multiple user identities from each service
The M-Pin Mobile App comes preconfigured with the M-Pin Connect configuration.  You can try this now to log into the MIRACL Discuss Community site.  For details on how to do this, please see:

(NOTE - if you log out from then log back in again, you will not be asked to authenticate again.  This is because you are still logged in to M-Pin Connect.  This is the correct behaviour for implementations of the OpenID Connect protocol.  If you wish to log out permanently, please visit and log out from there too.)

What's New in Version 1.3

This update is signed with Apple’s latest signing certificate. No new features are included.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of MIRACL M-Pin
Screenshot of MIRACL M-Pin
Screenshot of MIRACL M-Pin
Screenshot of MIRACL M-Pin