Download Mindful Moments Reminder for Mac

Developer: Jens Boje
Version: 1.1
Size: 9.4 MB


Never forget your mindfulness practice during work again. So, you re-energize your mental power.

Mindful Moments Reminder is an OS X menu bar app and reminds you during the day to take short mindful breaks. 

Visually using Notifications and audibly by playing a guided meditation. 

Whenever you are notified, just follow the instructions in the meditation and re-energize. Ready to tackle your next tasks.

Think of it as a bell of mindfulness app but with a guided meditation instead of a gong sound.

- Choose between 3 and 7 reminders a day
- Chose your start and end sound (Japanese Gong, Singing Bowl, Bell, and Gong)
- Supports autostart at login

Screenshots for для Мака

Screenshot of Mindful Moments Reminder
Screenshot of Mindful Moments Reminder

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