Download Meijer QuickShop for iPhone, iPad

Category: Shopping
Developer: Fetch Rewards
Version: 4.3.0
Size: 22.4 MB


Meijer QuickShop changes the way you shop at Meijer. Use the Meijer QuickShop mobile app while you shop, and you’ll be through checkout in a fraction of the time of traditional shoppers. No more waiting while the cashier scans each item in your cart and then begins bagging. With Meijer QuickShop, the cashier scans your phone, you pay, and you’re on your way.

Meijer QuickShop was designed to provide Meijer shoppers with a better and more convenient shopping experience. The app allows shoppers to scan and bag all their items as they shop, so that when they reach the checkout lane, they’re just one scan away from being on their way.

In addition to a quicker and more convenient checkout process, Meijer QuickShop also provides shoppers with more tools and information to make the entire shopping experience easier. Build and manage your shopping list right in the Meijer QuickShop app; no need to jump back and forth between multiple apps or carry around pieces of paper. Meijer QuickShop shoppers can track their spending and the items in their cart in real-time, so no more surprises at checkout.

It’s easy to get started with Meijer QuickShop. Just download the app, create your account, and pick your Meijer location. The next time you go shopping at Meijer, open Meijer QuickShop and start scanning your items as you shop. Don’t forget that with Meijer QuickShop, you can bag your items as you shop, which means a quick and convenient checkout.

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