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Welcome to Learnflix, your personal coach in the pocket.   For 20 years we've been teaching the employees of some of the largest and most successful companies in the world how to become brilliant Communicators, Leaders, Negotiators and Influencers.  Now we’ve made these skills available so anyone can learn to become a better communicator.
Please use the login details provided in your signup email to learn anywhere, anytime at a pace that suits you.  Progress is synchronised across Web* and Mobile so that you can start on your web browser at work and continue on your home commute on mobile.  
Learnflix comprises of 50 Communication Skills Courses across 8 themes:

+ Presenting
+ Personal Impact
+ Networking and Personal Brand
+ Influencing and Persuasion
+ Wellbeing
+ Writing and Productivity
+ Culture, Diversity, and Ethics
+ Leadership

+ 1135 smoothly streamed, bite-sized videos
+ Downloadable videos for off-line playback (mobile only)
+ Personal Progress Dashboard
+ Flag your favourite videos for quick access later
+ Download Course Notes that closely follow the videos
+ Switch English subtitles ON or OFF
+ Pick up valuable tips and techniques
+ Try out different exercises to improve your skills
+ Be taught by our expert, talented trainers
* Web edition currently only available for Business users. Web addition for individuals available summer 2020.

What's New in Version 5.1.1

Update required for internal infrastructure change

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