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Version: 1.0.5
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Have you always wanted to give feedback and tell a colleague they’ve done a great job quickly and easily so that everybody on the team knows? 

The Kudos app
Kudos is an informal peer-to-peer recognition system and in-house social network that runs on all mobile platforms.

As an app it allows a user to send and receive Kudos, points that are given for recognition and feedback and accumulate on a virtual leaderboard.

The points are given against a set of labels that are customisable. These labels can match your company’s values, or areas from some recent training, etc. – a great way of tracking the behaviour your business really wants to promote.

Kudos encourages peer feedback and is a fun, fast, and super easy way to recognise each other's best work and little daily wins - including those interactions that may normally go unnoticed.

Good people and good work deserve to be recognised.

The Leaderboard

There are a set number of Kudos points that can be sent within a month to encourage a user to give Kudos only when it is truly deserved.

This also maintains a sense of fairness and equity amongst those taking part.

At the end of the month those who have been most frequently acknowledged as having demonstrated the desired behaviours or values can be rewarded with recognition (or a prize!).

Using People Prophet

Kudos is an app that is accessible from any iPhone or iPad connected to the internet, so it can be used anytime and from any place.

Features of Kudos 
a. Give Kudos anywhere, any time on any digital device using the Kudos Dashboard
b. Visit the Kudos Leaderboard for a real-time list of who’s been getting the most Kudos 
c. Real-time notification whenever a Kudos is given 
d. See details of any team member’s Kudos score and history 
e. Set up your own labels to track
f. View valuable management data that tracks how employees are performing

What's New in Version 1.0.5

Ability now to register for Kudos via the mobile application.
Likes now contribute to total value of Kudos points.
Minor bug fixes.

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Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints
Screenshot of KudosPoints