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Category: Business
Developer: Yuka Iguchi
Version: 3.79
Size: 56.9 MB


Eliminates typing routines for similar emails and lines
A groundbreaking app. That's a color memo!
The biggest feature is that it can be operated intuitively with a very simple and unique user interface.
It can be read in an instant by rotating the picker drum from the application top screen and selecting a fixed phrase.
It also has a tag function, so you can organize it into various categories such as company, home, and greetings.

New features
Added date replacement function
    Sort function
Browser display function (for URL)
    Compatible with iOS 13
    Dark mode
Support for slide over and split view for iPad

■■■■■ Currently, sample fixed phrases are delivered for free! ■■■■
At first, there are cases where we do not know the usability,
Delivering sample fixed phrases with tags for free!
Customization is possible based on the downloaded sample.
*Since free samples may be charged in the future,
Please get it as soon as possible.
In addition, the sample lineup will be updated daily for various purposes.

■ It is easy to read out memos as long as you register them.
Color memos can be easily called from the subject on the top screen by registering emails and minutes templates.
Also, the email transmission screen will start from there, and all you have to do now is tap the send button!

■Example of intended use
・Easy to send home time to family from registration memo!
-Call the minutes of meetings used at work from registered memos and create them easily!
・Register a tweet word on SNS and post it easily!
-Use the notification function to prevent emails and forgetting to post on SNS! !
・It is very convenient to register frequently used keywords such as family contact, company contact, and email greetings!

■ Color memo function
[SNS posting function]
You can instantly post the contents of the memo by linking with various activities such as Twitter, Facebook, LINE, and email!
[Time notification function]
You can set the time notification for each registered memo.
You can set the timer at the timing you want to call each memo.
[Browse function]
If the memo is a URL, you can view it from the in-app browser.

■ Input contents of memo registration screen
【Basic information】 
[Subject] Enter the subject of the email and the text for displaying the notification.
[Memo] Enter the text of the email or SNS post.
[Tag] You can categorize the registered items by tagging them.
*Please sort according to your preference such as for private use or business use.
[Notification] Select On when notification is required.
[Repeat] Select On if you want to repeat the notification.
Cycle: If repeat is turned on, select daily, weekly, or monthly.
[Notification time] Select the date and time you want to be notified.
[Signature] Select On if you want to add a signature to the end of the email body.
*You can edit the signature on the setting screen.

■What is the date/name replacement function?
Enter the current date by typing "[date,0]" in the subject and memo
It can be automatically written.
In addition, by switching the numbers such as 1,2,3,-1,-2 in the "0" part,
It is possible to express yesterday, the day before yesterday, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, etc.
Also, by specifying [name], the name setting on the setting screen is replaced.

■■■■ From the developer■■■■
We would appreciate it if you could give us a review of the evaluation, defects, etc. for the color memo.
We will respond promptly every day to the addition of functions, improvements, and when problems occur.

What's New in Version 3.79

Small fix

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