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The Marketing App is a complete reference guide and job interview preparation tool created for MBAs and business professionals pursuing a career in marketing or business management.

Access this reference tool anywhere, anytime!  The Jobjuice Marketing App emphasizes practicality and efficiency as a reference and learning tool providing vast amounts of marketing strategy information at your fingertips! 

- Over 50 cards filled with marketing concepts and frameworks 
- A complete section on the marketing interview 
- Create groups of cards by marketing topic or interview question 
- Test your recall by flipping through random cards
- Use easy cross references and links within cards
- Find topics using the deck’s search engine 
- Version 1.2 includes English, Korean and Japanese - adapts to default language on device

Jobjuice was founded by Wharton MBAs, who while at business school provided their fellow students with powerful reference and interview preparation tools for banking, consulting and marketing. All the knowledge and experience of the recruiting process and the particular subject areas was distilled into a practical and easy to use format.

The App encourages dynamic preparation to develop creativity, structured thinking and solid business sense. There are over 50 themes (see contents below) that use cross-referencing to reinforce the links between strategic marketing and business concepts.

Jobjuice Marketing has helped MBA students around the world land their dream marketing jobs and is also a great reference tool for them in their current marketing jobs.  

"Flashcards make case prep seem more like a game- like it."  Leigh Ann Hemenway- Fuqua MBA 

"This deck is a great help for people preparing for a marketing position, as well as an excellent quick reference source for people on the job in marketing and general management." Mikkel Pilemand –International Marketing Director, Carlsberg 

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Marketing Management
Marketing Framework 
Case Tools 
The 4Cs Framework
The 4Ps Framework
Economic & Quant. Tools
The Macro Environment
Industry: Porter’s 5 Forces
Market & Comp. Dynamics  
Product Life Cycle (X 2)
Consumer Adoption Rates
Identify Problem/Opportunity
Company Analysis
Company Value Chain
Competitor Analysis
Value Vectors
Comp. Positioning Strategies
Perceptual Map Customer Analysis
Customer Decision Process
Customer Relationships
Customer Willingness to Pay
The Value Net
Collaborator Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Promotion Analysis
Advertising & Publicity Analysis
Place (Channel) Analysis
Product Line/Mix Analysis
Brand Analysis
Profit & Market Share
Breakeven Analysis
EVC & LTVC Segmentation
Marketing Research Basics
Marketing Research Methods
Conjoint Analysis
Pricing Implementation
Advertising Implementation (x2)
Sales Force Implementation
Sales Promo Implementation
Place (Channel) Implementation
International Expansion
New Market Entry
New Product Development
Entry Strat.: Pioneer vs. Follower
Internet & Strategy
Internet Marketing
Web 2.0 and E-marketing 
The Web 2.0 Landscape 
Search Marketing 
E-Mail and Affiliate Marketing 
Social Media Marketing/On-line Buzz 
E-Marketing Metrics

What's New in Version 2.4

Updated for IOS 11

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Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing
Screenshot of Jobjuice Marketing

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