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iVAT Percent Calculator


iVAT  Percent Calculator is the only application for iPhone and iPod Touch that combines a VAT and a Percent calculator in a single application.  

Calculating VAT has never been easier, simply enter an amount into “Amount Ex VAT” or “Amount Inc VAT”  field and iVAT will calculate the rest on the fly. iVAT can even calculate the net and gross amounts for the given VAT amount.

The Percent Calculator allows calculating things like:

1.	What is X% of Y?
2.	X is what % of Y?
3.	Increase X by Y%
4.	Reduce X by Y%
5.	How much is X% VAT on net amount Y?
6.	How much is X% VAT in gross amount Y?

iVAT also allows you to choose and save your currency as well as VAT rate for that personal touch.


1.	Sleek and easy to use interface.
2.	Large numeric key pad for easy entry.
3.	6 Modes for percent calculator.
4.	4 Modes for VAT calculator.
5.	Selectable currency.

iVAT requires OS 2.2.1 and is fully compatible with OS 3.0 and later

What's New in Version 1.2

1. The ability to define a custom VAT rate has been added
2. The app now remembers last used VAT rate

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of iVAT Percent Calculator
Screenshot of iVAT Percent Calculator
Screenshot of iVAT Percent Calculator

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