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Version: 1.1.0
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iTimeCard is an efficient time and location tracking app that lets you create a reliable record of your activities, then export your timecard with ease and flexibility.  Using the iPhone's built-in GPS, iTimeCard will optionally record the exact location where you start and stop your tasks, and even jump to the Maps app to show you where you were.

iTimeCard's flexible organization makes it a powerful solution for business. Each Time Card has multiple tasks you define yourself. Whenever you work on a task, a new shift is recorded. Easy template creation lets you save a set of tasks and create new timecards with those tasks already set up. And iTimeCard lets you run multiple active tasks and time cards at once, giving for tremendous flexibility in organizing. For example you might enter employee names as tasks, and have a different time card for each job site. Or it might make more sense for each employee to have a time card and log time for individual tasks. 
Every timecard, task and shift has its own custom description field, and each timecard has an optional hourly wage setting showing the running total as you work. Once you have accumulated a mass of data defining your activities, you can export them via email or directly to a browser via WiFi or upload to Google* Spreadsheet or Docs.

TIME SHIFTS CANNOT BE EDITED. This means they preserve a reliable record of time and place that cannot be tampered with. If you need the convenience of recording and editing your own shifts, or recording time after the fact, consider our app iPunchclock.

Reliable record of time and place

Customizeable output

Task templates

Flexible export: Google Docs, Air Server, in-app email CSV attachments

Efficient workflow, easy to use

Based on proven technology and workflow of iPunchclock


Location-aware time sheets, mark your 4-dimensional coordinates!

Multiple concurrent shifts in multiple tasks in multiple time cards

Export time cards, reports, summaries, or single tasks to Google Document or Spreadsheet

New "Air Server" exports your data to any browser on your WLAN, with no special software to install, even share with another iphone.

Export preferences customize date formats and exported fields, allowing you to hide or include start/stop times start/stop dates or location information

Time card templates allow you to set up tasks to automatically populate new timesheets

Live times and totals, with optional hourly rate

Flexibility with focus, no need to set up client databases, just time your stuff, whatever it may be

Time Card Archive function automatically splits time card for reporting ongoing projects without double billing or losing a second.

Time span display preferences, hide seconds display hours and minutes or fractional hours (i.e. 3:30 or 3.5)

Friendly location-quality indicator instantly shows how accurate your position measurement will be

Keeps timing all your tasks even when app is closed or iPhone is off  (it would be pretty silly any other way)

As always, free support is available on our user forum, or by emailing "epiphonecoders at mac dot com".

New exports page for instant access to CSV, HTML, single-task and summary timesheet export

Export preview, shows export data before you send it to google, mail or your desktop browser.

Improved export report formatting, check samples on our website!

Export using In-app email with standard CSV format and HTML file attachments.

Please don't download the app until you update your device.

What's New in Version 1.1.0

Sort timecards to put most recently used at top

Alternating line colors for better readability

Better text for deleting/restoring timecards from trash

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Screenshot of iTimeCard
Screenshot of iTimeCard
Screenshot of iTimeCard

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