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Developer: AppNinjas Inc
Version: 1.4
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NOTICE: Please purchase 'Swipe Pro' instead of iSwipe Global. You can download Swipe now from the App Store:

Swipe has many additional features and is where we've decided to focus our development time. If there is a feature in iSwipe Global that you would like to see in Swipe, please let us know!

With iSwipe Global Credit Card Terminal, you can accept credit cards with your iPhone/iPod Touch in a variety of worldwide currencies:

Canadian Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, U.S. Dollars, Yen, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Swiss Francs, Hong Kong Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Swedish Kroner, Danish Kroner, Polish Zloty, Norwegian Kroner, Hungarian Forints, Czech Koruny, Israeli Shekels, Mexican Pesos

Increase sales as much as 40-60% by accepting credit cards with your iPhone, the most affordable and effective way to accept credit cards for your small business.

Global Credit Card Terminal supports:
  ✔ PayPal Website Payments Pro
  ✔ Cybersource

When you're at that next trade show, at the market, or even selling door to door, iSwipe Global will allow you to accept credit cards from your customers, and Make The Sale, in any currency you need to accept.

* * * FEATURES  * * * 

✔ Secure: Credit card information is transmitted securely to the gateway over SSL

✔ Safer: Credit card numbers are verified as entered with instant feedback for approved or declined charges.

✔ Better Fraud Detection: Full Address Verification (AVS) support with ZIP, street, and CVV2 code support

✔ Easy to use: Customer gives you their CC, you enter the details, and off you go!

✔ Turns your iPhone into a Credit Card Terminal with support for all major credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

✔ Have a sales team? One merchant account can be installed across multiple iPhones.

✔ Supports all mobile data (2g/3g) and wifi connections

✔ Free upgrades and no hidden fees!

If you want to accept credit cards or charge cards on the run, Global Credit Card Terminal is the CC Terminal solution for you.

Don't have PayPal Website Payments Pro yet? Set it up in 10 minutes:

Global Credit Card Terminal charges no extra fees whatsoever - you just buy the app, and sign up for the merchant account and gateway, and that's it!

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Contact us at if you need help with anything at all. We respond really fast, usually within a few minutes, and we guarantee a response within 24 hours.

What's New in Version 1.4

+ Upgrade to Swipe:

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