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Category: Business
Developer: MTD Project
Version: 3.08
Size: 10.4 MB


iReCalc is an application which has a calculator, memo and database functionalities.
Once you have calculated with it, the figures and the results are kept unless you remove them. You can load these formulas and results whenever you need, and change some part then re-calculate them. You can also store the formulas that you use often to another storage place.
Moreover, you can create and store the formula with some variables like x, y, n1 or n2, and substitute the number then calculate after loading it.

1. All calculations are stored and saved to "Main Table".
2. You can correct the mistakes any time with very easy operation.
3. There is a window that shows the formula vertically, arranging the same digit straight. It makes easier to check the figures when you calculate with a lot of figures like a financial table.
4. You can load the past formula just by tapping it, change some figures and calculate it again.
5. You can store the formulas that you selected to the separate storage place, "Memory Table".
6. Variables can be used. If you create "A×(B-5)÷C" and store it, for example, you can load it any time and calculate it after substituting the figures for A, B and C.
7. You can call the past calculation result and insert it to the current formula.
8. Support Unit Conversion, like Length, Weight, Area, Speed, Temperature, Decimal/Binary/Hexadecimal conversion and so on.
9. Suppor Add-on calculations, which make possible to calculate loan & amortization, depreciation, moving average and so on. You can also load the past Add-on calculation and calculate it again.
10. You can add a title or description on each formulas in Main, Memory and Add-on Tables.
11. Support Consolidation calculation, which calculate among the past calculation results.
12. Support free layout of the calculation keys.
13. Calculation keys are selectable from three size.
14. You can change the following preference settings: calculation key, background color, text color, text size, font, key tap sound, rounding for decimals, sales tax rate, holiday setting, monetary unit for Add-on calc, unit conversion setting, calculation key layout and so on.
15. You can create the files that include above preference settings as many as you want, and change multiple settings simultaneously.
16. You can backup the calculation data to Google Documents, and restore them any time.

The following function is supported as normal calculation:
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, power, square root,  conversion between radian and degree, trigonometric function (sin, cos, tan), inverse function of trigonometric function (asin, acos, atan), hyperbolic function (sinh, cosh, tanh), common logarithm, natural logarithm, exponential function, multiplicative inverse, arithmetic mean, factorial, permutation, combination and  sales tax calculation.

There are some lessons to learn the operations of iReCalc. So try taking this first.
And when you get lost, just shake your device. A help window for the current view appears.

For more information, please check our web site.

What's New in Version 3.08

Added the following functionalities:
1. Added Input functionality to the Memory Table. You can usually add the formulas to the Memory Table in Edit View. However, if you copy four-line text data which contains Name, Formula, Description and Category to the pasteboard, you can add this data to the Memory Table. If you copy the following data to the pasteboard, for example, and select "Input Memory Data" on Input/Output Calc Data view, then select the data you want to add to the Memory Table.
How many days between date1 to date2 [nd] (days; include date1)
y2:year of date2; m2:month of date2; d2:day of date2; y1:year of date1; m1:month of date1; d1:day of date1
Day Calc
Newtonian constant of gravitation [G] (m^3kg^-1s^-2)
Physics Constants

Fixed the following bugs:
1. When you select "Add Zero" to "YES" in Fractional Options, you may get "Same As Last Formula" error even if you try to calculate with new formula. Fixed this bug. 
2. Fixed some bugs that may occur when you try to select the date on the calendar on "Day Duration Calc", "Weekday Lookup" and  "Simple Moving Average for Market Analysis" in Add-on Calc.
3. Key tap sound may not go off even if you select the key tap sound on.
4. When there is multiple-line formula on a cell in the Main or Memory Table, the height of the cell may not fit the formula.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of iReCalc - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc - ReCalculator

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