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Category: Business
Developer: MTD Project
Version: 1.22
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A movie that explains iReCalc is available on MTD Project web site below.
This movie is made for iReCalc, but major part applies to iReCalc Lite as well.

This is a calculator which can calculate again after the answer was given.
Although there are multi-functional calculators, most likely they mean scientific calculator.
 So we have decided to create one that have functions we had wanted.

When you calculate with a lot of numbers, you may find mistakes in the middle or after calculation.  In those cases, you have to do it again from the beginning. 
Or when you are at work, you notice that you do almost same calculation so may times.  So it might be easier if you can use same formula with variable numbers.

People use a spreadsheet application for this kind of tasks.  However, when you are out, or the task is not as big as something with switching on your PC, you may have to do it with your small calculator. 

iReCalc Lite is designed to fit this kind of needs.

iReCalc Lite has almost same functionalities as iReCalc except the number of formula saved is limited up to five and formulas in Memory window are limited two.  When the number of formula reaches to the limit, erase the formulas, then use up to five again.

**Difference between iReCalc Lite and iReCalc

1. Number of formula saved is limited up to five and formulas in Memory window are limited two.
-> In iReCalc, it's unlimited
2. Do not support square root calculation.
-> In iReCalc, it's supported
3. The result is not shown until tapping "=" button.
-> In iReCalc, the result is shown when you enter "+", "-", "×", or "÷" in the middle of calculation.
4. When using variables, you can't use same character as variable.
-> In iReCalc, you can use same character.  And when you use, one substitute applies to the multiple variables.
5. To use the result for next calculation, use default copy & paste function.
-> In iReCalc, just tap on the answer window you can copy the result for next calculation.

Here are some features:

1. Entered formula and answer remains in another window

2. Correct mistakes during or after calculation

3. Have a window that shows the formula vertically.  Easier to check when calculate with lots of numbers especially entering financial figures

4. Long formula can be displayed in multi line window

5. Windows size changeable, and show two windows at the same time

6. In ReCalc, re-calculation, mode, old formula can be called.  Then make some chage and re-calculate

7. Two formula saving windows.  One is just keeps every formula and answer, the other can keep  only the user wanted.  The user can call them any time and make some change, calculate again

8. Unneeded formula and answer can be erased

9. Variables are available.  For instance, call a formula A-(B+5)÷C then substitute 15 for A, 97-59 for B, and 8 for C

10. 16 colors of button and full color background and text choice

11. 8 types of font and 10 to 40 point text size choice 

12. Save up to three sets of user preferences.  You can create your own look and change it depending on the situation

For more information, please check our web site.

What's New in Version 1.22

Ver.1.22 Enhancement

- Add small character "?" and "^" on "÷" and "×" buttons to show these operator can be entered by tapping twice on each button.

- Fixed following bug:
In aligning digit after decimal point mode, which is set by Digit after decimal point ON, the last figure on the formula is outputted without filled with zero.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of iReCalc Lite - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc Lite - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc Lite - ReCalculator
Screenshot of iReCalc Lite - ReCalculator

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