Download InTouch Incubator (Sales-Man) for iPad

Category: Business
Version: 1.5.12
Size: 42.1 MB


You must have BookMan™ from Directory Resources, LLC to use this app.   
Please contact developer at before using this application.
iPad only.    iOS 7.0 and up.

InTouch Incubator™ is a remote order entry tool for Yellow Page salesreps to use in selling advertisement.  Advertisement can be for telephone directories or other products.   All business leads are uploaded to the iPad from the publishers BookMan database.   Proposals are created by each rep, signed by the advertiser (on screen) and then uploaded as a new contract back into the main database.   Advertiser is emailed a receipt.

InTouch Incubator buffers all its data in both directions, so it can work with or without a live internet connection.  When a connection becomes available it re-syncs with the publishers main database.

InTouch Incubator  will provide for faster, easier, and greater sales; more accurate, paper-less order entry; and almost instantaneous sales feed back.  

Sync data with BookMan™
Yellow Pages, White Pages, and other sections.
Can also sell other web advertising products.
Paperless orders.
Much reduced data entry.
Map businesses assigned to rep.
View my sales leads or all leads.
Allows daily sales results via BookMan.
Ad Image annotations

What's New in Version 1.5.12

Added support for non print sales by removing EL's and changing some words such as "Listing" to "Item" and "Heading" to "Category"

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