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Version: 1.1
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Get your dream job for less than the price of a candy bar!
"Interview guru is the perfect app to get ready for an interview"
"...This app has already done the thinking for you!"
"With this, you should have no trouble at all during an interview"
"In a nutshell, this application practically breaks down the whole process of an interview for you."

With the Interview Guru app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, you can go worry-free into your next job interview. A list of features are below.

With its incredible user interface, and information from an NYU Professor, Interview Guru is your one-step solution to solving the common dilemma of going on a job interview unprepared. 


✔ Source of all information is from an award winning NYU Professor

✔ Striking user interface

✔ Information is separated into different pages, based on the time you have before the interview. 
          •This allows you to begin preparing from the day you get notified of the interview, until the moment you're in the waiting room!

✔ IN APP E-Mail, so you can easily send suggestions, or questions..**You'll get a response within the same day!!!**

✔ If you have any suggestions before buying, please use the support E-Mail button in the App Store!

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What's New in Version 1.1

-Minor bug fixes in the E-Mail feature
-User Interface Changes/Additions 

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Screenshot of Interview Guru
Screenshot of Interview Guru
Screenshot of Interview Guru

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