Download iNOC for NNMi for iPhone, iPad

Category: Business
Developer: TIOTH LLC
Version: 3.0.0
Size: 3.1 MB


The ultimate power tool for the mobile network management professional. Integrate the server side power of HP Network Node Manager i Series Software with the simplicity and mobility of the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch. iNOC for NNMi provides you with Apple Push Notification of critical incidents and a native iPhone OS User Interface. Node Groups, Nodes, Interfaces, and Incidents are all available.

Important note: iNOC for NNMi operates in demo mode using a live demo environment until the iNOC Service Access Point software or a hosting service agreement is purchased separately from the iPhone client application.

iNOC for NNMi provides access to the following information managed in the HP Network Node Manager i Series Software:

Node Groups and Nodes
- Display Node Groups and status for each group
- Display Nodes and status for each node
Display Basic Node information
- Update “Notes” for each node
- Perform backend status and configuration poll for nodes

- Display Interfaces and Interface status for all interfaces hosted on a node.
- Display performance information at the interface level collected via HP Performance SPI typically over the last 72 hours (depends on performance spi config): snmp response time, in and out total packets, in and out total octets, in and out total utilization.

- Display filtered view of open or closed incidents.
- Filter based on severity, open/closed, assigned to, hostname / IP address, modified since time interval.
- Assign incident to operator.
- Update incident notes, priority, and lifecycle state.

Apple Push Notification
- Be notified of the number of incidents at each severity level which have been modified/created since the last notification time.
- Turn on / off globally or on a per configured NNMi system.
- User configurable notification frequency: weekdays and weekends.
 - "Assigned to" filter for push notification informs users of incident modifications which they own.
- Java based NNMi command line action can be integrated for specific incident notification to desired iPhones.

Multiple NNM systems
- Configure multiple NNM systems and switch between each through a simple switch.
Use of HTTP or HTTPS communication between the iPhone and the iNOC service access point. Use of HTTP or HTTPS between the service access point and NNMi.

- The iNOC Service Access Point is essentially a layer sitting next to NNMi. The Service Access Point is delivered via a separate WAR file and runs in a separate Apache Tomcat server. The Service Access Point implements Apple Push Notification services, utilizes NNMi web services, and digests NNMi Performance SPI metric collection files to serve iPhone client requests. 

Service Access Point Administrative Interface
Display registered iPhone/iPod Touch clients
Block iPhone/iPod Touch clients
Display last query time by each iPhone / iPod Touch and cumulative usage counts by each device
Remove a device from the configuration
Perform an APN Test Push to selected phones

Service and Support
- Onsite installation, consulting, and customization available
Two products: 
iNOC Service Access Point available separately from TIOTH LLC
iNOC for NNMi iPhone OS Application - available on the Apple App Store

* iNOC Service Access Point is required and sold separately from the iPhone client application
* iNOC Service Access Point can be used in a hosted environment externally to your network on a term agreement
* iNOC client licenses purchased through Apple App Store

OS and Device Requirements
iPhone or iPod Touch running 3.1.2 or higher
- HP Network Node Manager version 8.13 (patch 5) or higher
- HP Performance SPI (for performance graphs)
- Windows Server 2003 x64 or Linux x64 operating systems to run iNOC Service Access Point. The iNOC Service Access Point can be hosted on the same system as HP NNMi and is required to be running in a standalone Apache Tomcat server instance.

What's New in Version 3.0.0

Search bar for Node Groups, Nodes, Interfaces, and Incidents.

iOS 7 updates and bug fixes.

Screenshots for для Айфона, Айпада

Screenshot of iNOC for NNMi
Screenshot of iNOC for NNMi
Screenshot of iNOC for NNMi
Screenshot of iNOC for NNMi
Screenshot of iNOC for NNMi